This is Me: Beginning & Ending of Life Chapters

This is Me: Beginning & Ending of Life Chapters

In order for a story to continue, you have to end a chapter and begin a new one.  The stories of our lives are the same; and we often don’t recognize what chapter of our lives we are in until we encounter significant events such as graduations, weddings, pregnancies, births, parenting, anniversaries, sickness, death, etc.

Either way, a good writer will tell you that any story worth telling will have highs and lows, defeats and triumphs, heroes and villains – I believe you get the picture.  I must admit my life seems to mirror so many elements of the show, This is Us, but this is me and this is you.   Life is not the same as a television show – even if it is reality tv.  Our stories are our own!

So stick with me over the next few days or weeks as I share more about the chapters of trying to conceive, pregnancy, parenting and maybe a few others.  I will blog about the highs and lows, the good ideas and the “oh, I wish I had never done that” moments.  And as I share my story I hope you find the voice to share yours.

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