This is Me: Confessions of a Pee on a Stick Addict

This is Me: Confessions of a Pee on a Stick Addict

Hello, my name is Cortney, and I am a pee on a stick addict.

It began after I got married.  I got that thing called “the baby itch” and it seemed to take over and turned into “baby fever”.  I couldn’t read enough about trying to conceive and how to get pregnant.  I charted, I took basal temperatures and took soooooooo many pregnancy tests.

I mean I knew you could only get pregnant a few days out of the month but that did not stop me from testing at all times of the month.  I would pee on a stick first thing in the morning – you know that is the best time to test!  If the morning test wasn’t positive I would even pee on a stick at work.  If I ran out of tests I would quietly stop on the way home and pick up another.

My favorite test was the, First Response, but sometimes those were too expensive.  Then I would hit up the dollar tree and pick up their pregnancy test or order a bunch of dip strips online.  I could easily spend $40 or more a month buying tests.  Nonetheless, my addiction grew stronger every month at the start of each period.  Tearing tests apart I would hold them up to the light asking myself and my husband…do you see a line? Is that a line right there? No matter the date post ovulation I never fully trusted any result unless it was clearly positive with bold lines. So I kept going!

Today I still have struggles.  Every now and again I get “the baby itch” but it stays under control, my two kids help to keep it from turning into “baby fever”.

To my fellow Pee on a Stick Addicts…if you need support please get help.  The sites below my help your on your journey to getting that bold line you are looking for.




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