How to Prepare for Whole 30

Peaces by Cortney The Blog Images (2)Deciding I needed a lifestyle change is what was going through my head when I went online and discovered Whole 30 in mid-2016.  When I tried it the first time, during the month of October 2016 it was a challenge – but I was prepared.  I did lose weight but the greatest benefit was I learned how not to eat processed foods.  I did complete a full 30 days and here is how I prepared prior to starting:

  1. Read The Whole 30 Book – Check it out from your local library or buy it.  Either way, reading the book will help you further understand the program and let you know what to expect.
  2. Tell Your Friends and Family – They don’t have to join you but tell them your goals and share your plan with them.  Tell them how you would like for them to support you on this journey.
  3. Change Your Social Media Feed – This is a must!!!! Prior to starting you will want to change your social media feed so that you limit those videos and pictures of recipes that are not in alignment with the plan.
  4. Practice Shaking the Haters Off – You will have people who will be critical of your current food choices.  Develop a plan of how to reply, if you feel the need to, so you can quickly shake it off.

I truly believe that these steps were essential towards me successfully completing the Whole 30.  I will be doing another Whole 30 in the future and will post so others can join me!


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