My Experience with Instacart 

This is not a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links. 

Where I live the only thing that delivers besides the mailman is the pizza man. No Amazon Prime Now, Chinese food delivery… I know sometimes it makes me sad too.  But I was so excited when I found out I could get groceries delivered via Instacart!  I have now ordered probably about eight times and here is my experience.

I find this to be extremely helpful, and some days a life saver, in getting things done on the weekend.  As a mom, wife, caregiver, small business owner and full-time employee it is just wanted I need get some time back for myself.  There is a yearly unlimited shopping fee option, that I am not willing to pay, that takes care of the $5.99 shopping fee per order.  To me $5.99 is worth and levels out the time I would spend driving to the store, looking for my items, fighting off cravings on the snack aisle, and then standing in line.  Also, the shopping fee can be waived if you order featured items.  In most cases, the featured items are regular items on my grocery list – so I usually don’t have to pay the shopping fee.

I also utilize the notes for items that I am picky about to give the shopper more direction when selecting produce, meats, bread and other particular items.  However, there are some cons and pros:


  • There is no guarantee you will get the same shopper.
  • For some stores, the prices are higher than what is in the store.
  • Some shoppers are better than others.
  • You can’t use paper coupons.


  • You can better manage your grocery budget.
  • You don’t have unexpected things landing in your cart…like candy.
  • Most of the stores you can shop on Instacart have the same prices as in stores.
  • You can clip their online coupons.
  • Instacart has great customer service.

I shop with Instacart at least 2-3 times a month and will continue to do so! Try it for yourself and tell me what you think.  Need an incentive? Click here and we each will save $10 on an order.


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