Summer Bucket List

Today is the official first day of summer.  But where I live it seems like summer started at least two months ago.  It is hot, to say the least.  However, this summer I do plan to get out of my normal routine.  I actually am planning to do stuff besides just going to work and attempting to sleep in on the weekends.  My list as you can see below is short.  It is SMART goal compliant and I really hope I get to everything on the list.

  1. Find a new and really good smoothie recipe.
  2. Clean out the garage – working on my minimalism here.
  3. Take up yoga.
  4. Start writing my cookbook.
  5. Practice my photography.

These five things seem simple enough – at least typing them was easy… I will be sure to post and share pics as I cross off my accomplishments so stay tuned!


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