10 Signs You are a Survivalist Mom

While this is not the end of all lists to determine if you are a survivalist mom.  But if any of these are familiar to you…you may be survivalist mom.

  1. Menu planner? You tried that, but it just hasn’t worked out.  You honestly don’t know what is for dinner.  But you know how to put something together without a recipe.
  2. You dig through baskets of clean laundry for underwear.
  3. The light over your stove has been broken for months but you keep on cooking.  You know in your mind the light is kind of a luxury.
  4. You don’t mind your kids eating pop tarts or sugary cereal for breakfast.  I mean who can resist a bowl of crisp, colorful Froot Loops with cold milk.
  5. You send money for school photos on the last day they are due; or when the schools sends the notice that you have to pay for all of them if you don’t send them back.
  6. You monitor you kids fever/illnesses and can quickly evaluate if more attention is needed.
  7. Your kids may wear pajamas all day long and you may too – you really don’t care sometimes.  In fact, you may be wearing your pajamas right now.
  8. You are tired most of the time but you are used to it.  You just try to relax whenever you can.
  9. On any given day you can find stale Cheetos, an old fruit snack, or hard dried up Play-doh on the floor, under your couch or between the cushions.  Please note, this is a distinct difference from having stale Cheerios and old french fries on the floor of your car.
  10. You always show up and support your kids and family.  You have no problem standing up, inadvertently blocking someone else’s view, to get a great picture of your child’s preschool graduation.  You know you will turn around and say sorry with smile after you snap the pic.

Survivalist moms love their family and they care about them just as much as the next.  These mom’s just have a different perspective on what is important and pick their battles.  Also, many survivalist moms don’t try to keep up with “the Jones”.  We are ok with who we are and our family just the way they are right now.  But don’t be mistaken, we have goals and one of the biggest ones is to be the best mom we know how to be!


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