Star Wars Day

PBC Blog General 2 (16)Soon you may be seeing memes, posts and hearing people around you saying, “May the fourth be with you.”

I have said it knowing that it is an acknowledgment to Star Wars but this year I wanted to know more for some reason.  So I did what anyone would do.  I searched Google and landed and Wikipedia!  (Side note I just laughed at myself for a quick moment.)

Landed on Wikipedia I did…

(Side note I just laughed at myself for using my internal Yoda voice.)

Nonetheless, the phrase is a pun with Star Wars Day being on May the fourth and the Han Solo famous phrase to Luke Skywalker, “May the force be with you.” in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

Wikipedia didn’t let me down but it sure didn’t tickle my Midi-chlorians .  I could have gone on with life not know the background of Star Wars Day.  Yet, in my research I did find something that may have tapped into my Dark Side – some people are saying NO to May the fourth.
Star Wars Day Attack Ad: Say No to May the 4th on Disney Video

Nonetheless, in my heart, I believe I am a Jedi.  Thus, I end this post with…

May the fourth be with you!

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash